Marketing Logix

Fully Integrated Sales & Marketing Strategy that Drives Revenue

Marketing Logix is a full-service sales and marketing firm based in Houston, TX. With over 60 years of combined experience, our team will develop a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy that goes beyond the click. We love to bridge the gap between sales and marketing in order to create a fully integrated marketing strategy that integrates with the sales strategy to meet your revenue goals.

Rethink Success​

Traffic • Click-Throughs • Open Rates • Conversions

Is this how you measure your marketing Success?

At Marketing LOGIX, we believe that the click is just the beginning. Our customized approach begins with a thorough analysis of your organization’s marketing and sales systems. We look at everything from inbound digital marketing, channel analysis, sales procedures, and more. We then apply real-world sales strategies that move clicks to sales by creating a customized followup plan and engaging the sales team in the process.

Bridge The Divide​

Does your sales team know about your latest marketing plan?

How often does the marketing director consult with the sales manager?

When Marketing and Sales exist in separate silos, some of the best opportunities to acquire customers are lost. Marketing LOGIX bridges the divide between marketing teams and sales teams to integrate successful B2B programs that identify and secure long term customers.

Be Nimble

The fast pace of today’s marketplace requires successful companies to switch tactics or change directions when needed. We embrace an agile marketing philosophy and quickly refine our approach based on analytics and real-world sales results. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions or packaged deals because every company is unique.

Work With The Experts

The Marketing LOGIX team brings seasoned C-Suite professionals with over two decades of experience. They work with your organization’s management to create customized B2B sales and marketing solutions from concept to actualization.

Let us help build a fully integrated marketing strategy for your business.