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Marketing Logix provides comprehensive marketing services. We specialize in bridging the gap between sales and marketing for an integrative approach with proven results. 

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Marketing Logix is ready to assist in the development and implementation of powerful sales and marketing strategies. Let’s talk about your business goals and develop a strategic plan for your success.

Marketing Services

Our unique approach to sales and marketing creates a multichannel strategy. 

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We’d love to help you create a winning sales and marketing strategy. Let’s talk about your business goals. 

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Do you know who your best customers are? How did they find you, and what was the cost? If you ask your sales team and your marketing department, chances are you will receive two different replies. We bridge the divide by breaking down the silos and working with everyone involved. We go beyond putting plans on paper. We work hands-on with your sales team to implement an end-to-end strategy that drives results.
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Integrated Marketing

Is your message consistent across all of your channels? Are you overinvesting in dead-end efforts? Marketing Logix looks at each marketing channel and works with your team to establish a core message that resonates across all of your platforms. Our work doesn’t stop there. We also evaluate and strategize to identify the most lucrative channels with the highest ROI. Marketing Logix specializes in building an effective and cohesive brand message across advertising, direct marketing, digital marketing, events & sponsorships, social media management, and PR.

Social Media Management

No cookie cutter solutions here. Marketing Logix builds an effective social media marketing strategy that is custom tailored to the way you do business. Our social media management services are designed to organically grow your audience on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. We achieve this through unique and engaging content creation to boost shares and likes, generate traffic to your website, and make your business more visible.
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Reputation Management

In these modern times, a business is largely defined by what is found online. A strong and positive online presence is essential for a business to grow and succeed. This makes online reputation management an integral part of any digital marketing strategy.
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Website Development

Need a new website but don’t know where to start? Marketing Logix takes the guesswork out of building a dynamic website that reflects your unique brand. After a thorough discovery period, we create site maps, themes, and content that showcase your message. We work with WordPress as well as other platforms to build your customized website.

Website Management

Your website is your company’s storefront, mission statement, recruiting tool, and sales force all rolled into one. To drive traffic and generate leads, your website must be fresh and dynamic. Marketing Logix will keep your site updated, perform routine maintenance, run backups, and provide reports. We evaluate your SEO and regularly update the content and design to keep your site fresh and relevant.
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Email Marketing

There’s a fine line between spammy junk messages and meaningful, tailored content. Marketing Logix knows the difference and keeps your email messaging on point. Marketing Logix will help you build a targeted customer/prospect database and grow it organically. We keep you engaged and front of mind with your audience through news, blog posts, sales pieces, and compelling content.

Public Relations

The best media coverage is the kind you can’t buy. We create buzz for your brand with strategically positioned, local and national stories. Marketing Logix has long-established relationships with powerful media contacts as well as community and business influencers. Whether it’s an award, community interest piece, nomination, or announcement, Marketing Logix will work with journalists to position your stories for the greatest impact.